Full-Time Optician needed for Advanced Vision Center optometry office. Experience in an optical setting is preferred but willing to train the right individual.

Full-Time Optician

Job Type:

Job responsibility:

  • Interpreting the results of eye examinations, using prescriptions written by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists
  • Advising patients on frame weights, materials, styles and colors
  • Recommending lenses, coatings and frames to suit customers’ needs
  • Measuring customers to determine suitable types and styles of frames
  • Adjusting frames so they fit properly
  • Preparing orders for glasses and contact lenses by checking prescriptions, lens thickness and other specifications
  • Making sure that orders for glasses and contact lenses have been processed accurately

Job Qualifications:
  • Patient centered, friendly, with good work attitude
  • Good computer skills; experience with electronic medical records preferred
  • Efficient
  • Independent
  • Able to multitask
  • Dependable
  • Able to file insurances

40 hrs/week

Salary: Starting pay based on experience level

  • Vison Benefit

Please submit resumes to Advanced Vision Center:
By Email:

By Fax:

By mail or drop off resume at:
Advanced Vision Center
446 3rd Ave W
Dickinson, ND 58601

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